Monday, 23 April 2012

Explorer headlights not working

The headlights on my explorer Eddie Bauer 95 only lit up on high beams and on low beams only the left side worked.
First I replaced the bulbs and this worked for maybe 5 minutes so I did a bit of research and found that there is a small headlight control unit under the cup holder in between the driver and the passenger, I pulled out the plastic in the interior the cup holder and the trip computer it turns out the piece was under the trip computer on the lower right it’s a mobile phone size black box with a connection on one side and 2 Philips screws holding it in place, I pulled the piece out and opened it up on close inspection one pin on the circuit board looked burnt and the solder looked cracked I cleaned it out and got out my soldering iron a bit of soldering paste and soldered it nicely. I then put it back together and plugged it in tried the headlights and both lit up on low beams and high beams so went ahead and put everything back together.
I read that there is a way to by pass this module in case you can’t find the burnt pin or in case the module is burnt out completely ill try to look it up and post a reply to this with the how to.

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