Monday, 23 April 2012

Alternator troubles

My ford explorer 95 has had very Little troubles through its life the only time it let me down was one time i was driving home from work and suddenly a CLACK and grinding metal noise came from the engine straight away i pulled over and had a look at what was going on.
I opened the bonnet and found that the alternator had crapped out not the band or anything else just the alternator I guess it was the bearings that just had enough.
Anyways it was an easy fix just bought a new one gave in the old one to get a better price, all you need is a 13mm wrench to remove the band, and before having a go at the alternator disconnect the ground of the battery next go ahead and disconetc the harness and any wire going to the alternator. Now its just a matter of removing the old again ist a 13mm wrench to remove the 3 bolts that hold it in place watch out for the spacers under the alternator theres one on each bolt, remove it and place the new one straight in there don’t forget to put the spacers in and tighten everything back in. that was pretty much it hoocked up the battery and was on my way.

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