Monday, 23 April 2012

Explorer 95-99 AC problems

The AC in my 95 explorer XL stopped working after 5 or so years. I didn’t pay much notice since I don’t use it all that often. The other day I was at AutoZone and they had an offer get an AC recharge kit when you buy so much oil whatever I got it and follow the instruction on the bottle the AC started working and worked for maybe two weeks. After this I decided to go and see if they sold something to seal any leaks or whatnot I found a product for the same price of the recharging kit and it says it seals leaks in the ac system I bought it and another bottle of gas.
Again followed the instructions and it now works it’s been working for a month so I’m hopping it sealed the leaks it had, this is only my experience with this products I usually don’t go for this kind of product since it doesn’t do much at all and they tend to be very expensive.
If you switch on the AC and nothing happens at all it might be that there’s no pressure in the system and the sensor doesn’t allow for the compressor to engage or the fan son nothing happens.
If you switch it on and you can hear the air rushing but it doesn’t come out the vents you have to look under the hood and locate a black grapefruit size ball with two black tubes on one side and a rubber plug on the other side. if it doesn’t have the rubber nipple and its an open tube you need to get a rubber nipple they sell them at AutoZone. Make sure there are two tubes plugged in on the other side facing the firewall. These are vacuum tubes that work the valves that let the air got to the dash or your feet or both or any option from the control panel so if there is a leak in the system the only place that lets air out is the defroster for the windshield.
If it’s not the nipple then you’ll have to look for the leak in the tubes.
Another problem with my 95 explorer Eddie was that the electronic climate control that has a digital display worked but the display didn’t. I pulled the control unit out and fiddled with the harness connection I noticed that when I pulled the plug up the display started working, I tried to jam a plastic piece under the plug as a quick free fix it worked for a day if that. So i pulled out the climate control unit. To do this you have to pull the center console out and then unscrew 4 screws on each corner of the control unit, on the back of it there is a plug that connects the vacuum tubes you need I think it’s a 10mm socket wrench to pull the 2 bolts on either side and then just unplug the harness.

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