Monday, 23 April 2012

Electric windows not working

The windows in my 95 xl ford explorer gave up pretty much all at the same time! I had a look a a new electric motor on ebay and in autopart stores but they seemed way to expensive to repair all 4. If you have trouble with the 4 windows before buying anything make sure it’s your buying the right parts, it could be the GEM wich is a small computer that controls the electrics in the cabin I think it includes the windows, alarm, the 4x4 engage or at least the dashboard lights for the 4x4, I think it controls the sunroof as well im not sure. Anyway it could also be the main controls on the driver side door or it could be dirty conection on the switches, a blown fuse etc …etc.. the most common problem is that the little gears inside the electric motor on each window grind themselves flat and slip resulting in the windows not moving but you are still able to hear the motor working!. You can either buy a new motor and replace them very expensive or you can buy the plastic gears and replace those wich is cheaper but its more work.
I did the second option, I bought the gears from just because the price was acceptable and got on with the job.
You have to remove the plastic panel that covers the door to do this you have to remove 3 screws one that is near the rear view mirror and two on the handle you use to close the door you need a Philips for them after this remove the plastic piece that’s on the handle to open the door, now you can pull on the panel and it should pop start from the bottom on one side and move your way around, the switch and handle piece will stay connected to the door. Once the panel is lose pull it out and hold it you need to unplug the light bulb on the bottom righ side just twist it and it comes right out.(disconnect the negative from the battery)
Put the panel somewhere safe away from dogs that like to chew on everything! Now theres a plastic film you need to pull of or at least the bottom bit, try to have the window up when you do this and put a wood stick or something to hold it up. Now theres 3 bolts to remove I think they are 10mm , first fin the motor its inside the door, when you locate it un bolt the bolts and pull him out and unplug the harness now you can work on it pull out the old gear and place the new one in. now put it back together just follow the steps in reverse.
I can send some picks if needed. Remember make sure it’s the

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