Monday, 23 April 2012

Dashboard lights dont work after replacing the bulbs

The lights inside the cabin don’t light up, the dashboard, the center console, the window switches, the courtesy lights and I think that’s it.
Well after making sure the fuses were ok, I had a look at some of the light bulbs on the dashboard and they were ok.
Anyway I found the problem was the dimmer switch on the left of the steering wheel below the lights switch.
I bought a used dimmer from eBay for 14 bucks I think it included the shipping I can’t remember.
To replace it you need to pull the plastic panel that’s below the steering wheel and the one that is covering the instrument cluster, start by the one on the bottom there are a couple screws on the latch to open bonnet there’s another single screw close to that one you’ll find it and I think that’s it pull on the plastic towards the seat slowly but firmly it will pop out be careful because the clips that hold it break easily. Now move on to the top remove 3 screws on the cluster cover and I think 2 on the bottom of the panel you can only see these two when you remove the bottom panel remove them all if I miss one it’s my memory just unscrew them all( you might need to remove the center console I can’t remember, but that one is easy just 2 screws above the AC controls and pull, don’t unplug anything you just want access to any hidden screws and to make space to pull out the plastic) and keep them safe! Again pull on the plastic it will come out now there’s 2 screws on the dimmer just unplug the old dimmer pull him out and screw in the new one plug it in and before putting everything back together switch the lights on and try it out make sure the dashboard lights up after checking it works it’s now time to put her back together.

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